About Us

Mahanpakhsh Zarrin Shomal company, as one of the subsidiaries of the Keinia Industrial Group, was established in July 2013. The Keynia Industrial Group has been continuously active in the field of producing and distributing consumer goods since 1983.

Mahanpakhsh has been continuously updating its hardware and software for distributing and recruiting efficient forces since its inception, and is currently active in the Iranian distribution industry association and obtaining legal licenses and having a distribution product portfolio from the famous domestic and foreign brands.

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Mahanpakhsh Zarrin Shomal company, due to its history, credibility and ability, has had extensive business relations with reputable domestic and foreign brands. Some of the brands that Mahanpakhsh is currently working on are following. Clicking on each of them will be moved to the brand’s page.



the focus of Mahanpakhsh is on Northern provinces of Iran, but Mahanpakhsh also has national coverage ability due to its national network of partners.

Mahanpakhsh customers also include the following guilds:

  • Food and protein retailers
  • Wholesalers & Distributors Regional
  • Fast food, restaurants and hotels
  • Consumer goods stores
  • Speciale stores (confectionery, groceries, etc.)